TO PUT IT BLUNTLY is the depository of my occasional opinions on a range of issues, including politics, foreign policy, law, and culture.

Although my intention is to offer objective analyses, I won’t hide my predilections.  On politics, I lean libertarian, which means I usually vote Republican.  But not always.  A sensible, fiscally responsible Democrat will often win my support.  On foreign policy, I depart from modern libertarianism, with its isolationist tendencies, and favor a strong defense, for ourselves and for our allies and friends, for without allies and friends, defending ourselves becomes more difficult and complicated.  On legal issues, I practice and take a keen interest in intellectual property and First Amendment law.    I oppose legal preferences based on inherent traits, such as race or sex.  My libertarian propensities make me an advocate of individual liberty.

On culture, I am a dedicated eclectic.  I admire the novels of Ayn Rand and Tom Wolfe; the art of Degas, Monet, and Renoir; and the comedy of Saturday Night Live.  Apart from my wife and daughters, I believe Catherine Deneuve is the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

I have the best day job in the world, practicing law at Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass, a venerable San Francisco law firm, with colleagues I like and respect.   I especially like the fact that they tolerate my literary activities, and don’t mind too much when I put it bluntly.